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Sex and Responsibility

The responsibilities that come with sex can be broken down into four pillars; (1) mental, (2) emotional, (3) spiritual, and (4) financial.

Mental – you must be cognizant of the consequences of sex if used outside of its original intent. You need to be aware of him/her; where he/she is mentally, spiritually, etc., and make a sound and wise decision about sexual contact with him/her (preferably that decision is AFTER marriage).

Emotional – men, we need to understand that sex can spawn emotional ties that may be hard to break, depending on where she is emotionally, how she feels about you, and what she believes about the relationship she’s entering into with you. Be honest with your feelings about her and your intentions; don’t have her believing something that’s not true. Women, the same applies to you; understand that sex can spawn emotional ties that may be hard to break, depending on your emotions, how you feel about him, and the type of relationship you think you’re entering into. Don’t allow him sexual access just because he’s talking a good game, make him walk that talk. Make him earn your heart through trust, commitment, love and marriage. I've said it before and I'll say it again, guard your heart.

Spiritual – you must understand how God sees sex because he is the author of sex. You need to digest the knowledge that sex is used as (1) a means to connect with your spouse on the emotional and spiritual level, as a sign of commitment and love and (2) to reproduce and bring forth the next generation with proper planning. Sex is not for your personal enjoyment whenever you feel like it outside of the confines of marriage. Again, men, it’s not to satisfy or bolster your ego. Ladies, it’s not be used as a bargaining chip where the endgame is your non-physical needs are met.

Financial – do we even need to harp on this any further? Kids are expensive, and too many of them are being raised in poverty due to lack of planning. If you don’t have the money to provide for them, you’re not ready. Save yourself the headache in child support.

These are simple tips that, while they only scratch the surface, will lead you down the path of critical decision making that should avoid the current problem of broken homes and dysfunctional relationships. Take heed.

Grace and Peace.

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