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Let’s be honest men; the lack of sex (for those of us no longer virgins) can be frustrating. Once we get a taste it’s hard to deny that strong craving. While some of us fall into pornography, masturbation, and even pay to play sex, some of us fall into another trap. Let’s talk about ego-driven sex. Ego-driven sex is indulging in sexual activity that boosts, adds pride to, or feeds your self-esteem. It’s the unchecked driving force in us to compile a Rolodex of sexual conquests. This type of sex leads to a very common stronghold among men; that stronghold is the mentality that "if a woman offers sex, I’m not turning it down. I may not even find her all that attractive, but if she wants sex I’ll give it to her." All that does is feed our egos. It also, unknown to us, sets us up to become predators. We become predators when we engage in this type of sex, because the only reason we approach women is for sexual conquest. We become led by our penis and sexual desires. When we operate in this type of mentality, we don’t care about a woman’s mental health, her spiritual development, or her dreams and goals in life. We solely desire her for sex and if we get it, we push her out the door; we’re on to the next one. It’s an easy setup to become a predator, and it’s easy for our flesh to be manipulated into weapons of havoc if we don’t get our penis in check. Sexual discipline, and the process to acquire it, is never fun and will absolutely frustrate your flesh, but you will need it in order to obtain healthy intimate and platonic relationships with the opposite sex.

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