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Fear or Faith: That is the Question

"For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment."

- 2 Timothy 1:7

If I told recounted a time in history when people couldn't go out to eat due to restaurants being shut down, would you believe me? If I told you that people were urged, and even directed, to stay home from work without a plan to receive a portion of their wages, would you look at me like I was crazy? If your elected leaders ordered public events cancelled and professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL were suspended indefinitely, would you think I'm lying? I'm sure none of what I previously stated sounds plausible, but here we are.

Over the past 6 weeks I've seen something that, quite honestly, I never thought I would've seen in my lifetime. The Coronavirus has spread like wildfire across the globe in a matter of weeks, touching every continent on the planet. I couldn't foresee countries in Europe closing their borders to prevent the spread internally or externally. I didn't think I'd see a time in America when restaurants, schools, colleges and universities, were shutdown indefinitely. I couldn't come to terms with the fact that some states are on lock down with a mandatory curfew for the foreseeable future, and travel advisories and even bans are active nationwide. The Coronavirus, or Rona as it's affectionately called on social media, already irritated my soul when it led state and government leaders to close down the gyms (I understand why, it's a personal thing I'm dealing with). I never thought I'd see a time when the economy would take a massive hit from a virus that will force some businesses to shut its doors temporarily, and maybe permanently for some. I especially couldn't imagine Churches across the country shutting its doors to prevent the spread of the virus, when in reality the Church is probably one of the best establishments to remain open along with healthcare facilities and hospitals.

The purpose of hospitals and healthcare facilities is evident; I'm more concerned with your soul. I'm concerned that fear is driving people's decision making and thought processes; Americans fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizer is evidence of that. I'm concerned that we as a species have lost the art of basic hygiene and are reacting as if this virus signals instant death for those who have it. The impacts of this pandemic isn't lost on me, but this isn't the time to fear.

- It's a time to remember and get reacquainted with routine hygiene.

- This is yet another opportunity for God's people to move beyond just prayer and actually serve those most vulnerable to this illness.

- Prayer breaking out across the nation should progress to action, whether that's hosting food drives to support the impoverished or checking on your neighbor to see if they're OK.

- For those who are forced to telework, Rona is a good opportunity to invest time with your families, and reconnect the family bond between everyone in the house.

In the midst of global uncertainty, there are opportunities to capitalize that will benefit your peace of mind. One those opportunities is appreciating that God is orchestrating something we may not yet understand. The biggest opportunity is realizing that fear doesn't provide any benefit to you or anyone else.

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