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Intimate Reflections - Sex, the ugly side (Pt 1)

As you can probably surmise, there is nothing inherently wrong with sex. Sex between 2 consenting, mature, married adults is beautiful, but like other things in life, we have experienced the ugly side of sex. The damage caused by misused sex can be life long, and we must address not only the causation and the damage, but also the root. You may know some of these abusive and/or perverse sexual expressions firsthand, but let's go over these in length.

Rape isn’t about sex, but about POWER. In essence, it’s taking a beautiful act of love and commitment created by God and turning it into a weapon for control and manipulation.

Adultery is self-explanatory. It breaks the vow made before God to be committed to one woman/man, and breaks the trust between husband and wife. Knowing that God designed sex to be utilized in a committed relationship to build/establish a deep emotional and spiritual connection to your spouse, we could say that adultery shows God that you lack the resolve to stay committed to a vow???

Molestation is perverse, and a real danger because it affects the victim in a multitude of ways. From a physical standpoint, it forces a child’s body to become aware of sex at an age they’re not ready to handle what their body just experienced. Mentally, the victim through manipulation and lies believes that sex at an early age is normal behavior, and can potentially explore their sexuality if repeated sexual contact goes unchecked. Spiritually, sex robs the spouse and the victim of enjoying sex in its fullness with each other, and causes roadblocks and issues that have to be dealt with prior to any true bonding, or cleaving to each other, can really begin. Molestation robs children of their childhood and, sexually speaking, propels them to adulthood and fast-tracks their spiritual, emotional, and mental development instead of in their due season. This is a true demonic spirit that has derailed the lives of many boys and girls.

Swinger lifestyle has the same consequences and negative effects as adultery. Just because both partners agree and have the other’s consent that having sex with people outside the marriage is fine, doesn’t mean it is.

Let me say again that these acts are not acceptable nor should they be tolerated, especially in the house of God. The victim should be removed from the situation and receive the necessary therapy for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. The violator should be held accountable for their actions and receive counseling to get to the root of their desire for perverse sexual activity. Millions of families are affected by these acts and I'm sure we know people personally affected and still trying to recover. Hopefully in today's climate, we can begin to rid our families and society of these and start the journey to healing.

Grace and Peace.

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