"Writing was never one of my passions as a kid; neither was spoken word. I'm still unsure of what aspect of the craft drew me in. I remember writing my first poem in junior high out of boredom and although it was rather cheesy, I found myself hooked. Since then I've written for magazines, written and published a book, and released a spoken word EP. What can I say, I like to write. With this desire I have chosen to highlight various aspects of life with one goal in mind; a solution. That solution, which has always been waiting for you to call him, will become painfully clear when you dive into my work."

Joshua's endeavors as a poet and spoken word artist has been extensive. In 2005, he finished 2nd in a poetry contest hosted by the University of Mississippi. The following year in September, while an undergrad student, he published his first collection of poetry, "Poetic Thoughts Vol 1: God Speaks through Poetry".  It is believed that he was the first African-American undergrad student to publish a book.

In 2011, Joshua took his poetry a different route and released his first EP "Civil War: Memoires", recounting his struggles with porn and lust. This EP was downloaded 100 times and the poem "I Wish I Never Met Her" was played over 950 times on SoundCloud. In 2014, Joshua released his second EP "Shattered" while living in Germany  and has performed the EP's key piece "Where's Hope" in a few open mic nights in Stuttgart and Wiesbaden.

Moving to Maryland in 2015,  Joshua began his plan to return to his poetic roots and in 2018, he released his second book "Poetic Thoughts Vol2: Introspection". In 2019, he published his book of the same name in audiobook format to give readers a different experience.